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Mary Jane G. Bates

I am a native New Mexican, truly genuine lover of the wild west, and ambassador of goodwill. Began working at the age of 10, having my first business at the age of 17; in corporate management, soon thereafter; sojourning, educating, creating, selling, and recreating various enterprises in a continuum, and being a lifetime learner.

Pursuing doctoral level of parallels of science and scriptural context; in pursuit of growing magnum opus of acquired gained knowledge and wisdom, continually learning to help others in current research, academia, & various modalities - much to the great efforts of colleague’s strengths, life pursuits, interjections, interests, gifts, talents, tenacious valiant effort, and gracious willingness to share, actively participating and moment accumulatively together exponentially encompassing without boundaries hopefully for the betterment of all. Therefore, igniting a personal constant effervescent pursuit of current research on many subjects; relevant to the vast plethora of the industry enterprises and standards of excellence in which I am blessed to be involved with. All in the faithful hope to better serve, help, and grow in any way possible for the better good.

At a very early age I had a God-given passionate desire to pursue, remember, and understand the essence of humans, animals, and all living things; always keenly aware of the intrinsic value of all, and hoping to offer edification in encompassing quality of life, healing, living, loving, laughing, and learning.

An intensely passionate pursuit which thankfully, gratefully, and appreciatively, I am still learning every day as I live and breathe in; western medicine, oral and maxillofacial, oriental medicine, homeopathic, naturopathic, esthetic, neurophysiology, environmental, nutritional, dietary, chaplaincy and care ministry, palliative care, and holistic health practitioner and neuroplasticity to name a few.

This sparked an ever-evolving quest in learning and applying synergistic interaction in the hope of continuing whole wellness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Always mindful of the ministry in excellence in the magnificence of each individual’s ability to become better and better every day, better and better every way as they are created by God to be if they so choose.

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