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Posted by Sara Werth | Jun 18, 2021

Our business was very blessed to have our local newspaper come out to our wonderful location to write a story on us, and we loved it so much that we thought it would be great to share or story of our success with you! Enjoy!​


Now Offering Overnight Stays!

Our intentional sharing, with a servant’s heart, the gift of abundant excellence in health, salon, & spa services, esthetic care, nutritional & dietary supplements, for healthy mindful living; inspiring an essence for healthful vitality, quality of life, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

We offer over 250 services, inclusive of private personal life coaching, balanced living goals, personal training in healthy lifestyles choices, nutritionally, dietarily, and balancing of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness by trained staff and have a vast referral system in specificity for what is best suited for the individual client per need. Continually evolving in current researched products, treatment, and techniques while maintaining affordability for all. In a welcoming, friendly, private, serene and tranquil environment by professional servicing staff.


Striving to offer a professionally ethical environment and an unsurpassed quality of standard in a Christian based rural environment.

We believe in a one on one undivided attention...because you are honored, valuable, cherished, and important. A rarity because of our rapid moving world today, all clients are welcomed by appointment only; as to offer individual, undivided, uninterrupted, attention..

Although we are thankfully appreciative respectfully of technology, we choose to create and retain the most relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and ambiance possible while conducting our services with each person, animal or the combination of them both.

Why? because we love you!...

Groups Are Welcome!

Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Girls Day Out, Couples Night, Day of Wellness, 1/2 Day of Wellness, Tea Party etc.

Do you have a group of friends that wants to get together for a fun relaxing day?! Call ahead and book a day to come and enjoy yourselves together with over 250 services to choose from, and make some memories with our team here at Desert Rose Enterprises we would love to have you.

(Appointments Only)

The Shop

Shop today!

Local items and healthy choices. By appointment only. 

Shop today! 

Local items and healthy choices. By appointment only. 

We are blessed to have countless daily testimonies of attitudes of gratitude, humble confidence instilled, triumphant victories, conquering champions of hope, and extraordinary witness to lives enriched and enhanced and look forward to our vision of the best is yet to come whilst enjoying every day we are given together.

© Mary Jane G. Bates - Desert Rose Enterprises​

Gift Cards Available!

Family, friends, or even yourself!

We offer gift certificates, packages, and regular monthly specials allowing you to experience the latest and greatest in personal care!

For more details & pricing please give

us a call and make your appointment



©2023 Desert Rose Enterprises

Business: (505) 832-2010

Cell: Call or Text 505-550-7319

17 Stillwater Drive

Moriarty, NM 87035

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